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GEO-MIK delivers cutting edge geo-information technology, earth observation, remote sensing, land and spatial development solutions in Africa since 2008.



To become an international pillar and hub for geo-information technology, land and strategic spatial development solutions in Africa.



To appropriately and effectively deliver cutting-edge geo-information technology, land and spatial development solutions to meet diverse goals of our clients.



Since incorporation in 2008 and operationally emerging from a garage, the strides towards a regional and international agenda to business remains core and part of our daily business strategy. Our long-range strategic focus is to deepen and consolidate GEO-MIKʼs domestic and international competitiveness and establish our global footprint in the industry. Right from our headquarters in Entebbe Uganda, our unique and exponential heights of innovation-based service delivery model constantly drive our work at the forefront and pushes our operational scale beyond territorial limits and also disruptive to the industry’s status quo; far ahead of the competition.  To adapt and entrench in the industry, anchored by our 5-year strategic planning process, we launched new products and services by deeply anchoring Geo-ICT and geospatial products and solutions core to our mainstream professional mandate and this significantly improved our market value propositions and the domestic and international competitiveness.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a competitive industry, in less than 5 years, we grew footprint within new markets in; Uganda, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire etc. Over the years also implemented work for some of the world’s iconic brands, multinational organizations, intergovernmental organizations, UN Agencies, regional and international bodies, academia and other research institutions. In addition, we attracted and sustained synergies and partnerships with global businesses and world-class industry leaders.



We have unmatched ability to adapt to the evolving technology, emerging complex and dynamic industrial needs of the 21st Century. We have also launched new products and service portfolios to the market and this has come with unique value propositions to our customer and completely scaling our competitive edge ahead of the industry.


Our Legacy

GEO-MIK is the pioneer and the only fully fledged corporate and innovative brand with integrated spatial development solutions and appropriate geospatial technologies in Uganda with a truly regional and international focus. Our domestic and continental accomplishments of today and those of the past are significant indicators of our true commitment and persistence towards our Vision.

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Our Drive

We pride in our sustained professionalism, adherence to industry standards, adaptive approaches, domestic, regional, and international infiltration and the quality in the services and products we render. This is continuously going to improve with every value addition we introduce, and it proliferates our team with the constant urge to serve our clients across the spectrum with robust and quality services

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Our Depth and Synergy

Irrespective of the scope of the assignments entrusted to us, we have in-depth and sound specialized understanding and the capacity to successfully deliver results and solutions that meet clients’ needs and strategic goals in compliance with performance, budget and the time plan; further giving us a complete competitive edge. In addition, we attracted and sustained synergies and partnerships with some of the world-class industry leaders.

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Message from Chairperson BOD

Prof. Samson James OPOLOT

The business environment in which we trade today is evolving rapidly. This always compels our team to adapt to the market fluctuations so as to serve better our clients, consolidate past accomplishments and eventually prepare for business sustainability. We constantly pursue innovative and appropriate solutions in our business processes because we recognize that this will cumulatively stimulate a positive impact on the value/quality of what our clients and the end user finally receive. This is the reason; we have regularly invested a lot of time and resources in building and improving the brand of service delivery system that we have today. This will further improve in the years to come. With our growing investment in innovation-based service delivery, we aim to move more steps ahead in delivering geo-information technology, land and spatial development planning solutions to customers in Uganda, the region and beyond. Since 2008, the strategic strides towards a regional and international orientation to business have remained part of our business campaign and core of our daily operations. We commit to sustainably build a strong domestic and regional brand in the market in line with the organization Vision. We also commit to build more strategic partnerships and synergies with corporate, local and multinational enterprises and companies but also extend our strategic operations by reinforcing and establishing coordination centers and strategic offices in the region and beyond. We appreciate this will not come to pass effortlessly, without competition, sporadic market challenges and disruptions like the COVID 19 impact to our South Sudan operation from 2020.

However, with our internal quality control system, visionary leadership, team work and commitment to our strategic vision and mission we remain profoundly optimistic. We therefore would like to thank our valuable customers, partners, business associates, experts, staff and the general public for the continued cooperation, friendship and trust even when the markets fluctuate. We appreciate everyone who has contributed relentless effort in the past to this day. We recognize and cherish your partnership, ideas and support towards every opportunity, task, decision and service. We are excited and committed to continue on this journey of strategic cooperation with you.

From the entire GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD Board, Management and staff, we want to wish you a happy, safe and opportunistic time ahead.

Our Partners

As part of GEO-MIKs international program, we work with the leading domestic and global industry partners to advance mutual interests in the line industry.

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