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GEO-MIK is an integrated and innovative development consultancy company originally registered in Uganda as Firm on the 28th of February 2008 and later transformed to a Limited Liability Company on the 6th of May 2022. GEO-MIK delivers cutting edge geo-information technology, earth observation, remote sensing, land and spatial development solutions in Africa.

Fifteen (15) years down the road, we have registered excellence in the market with unmatched quality of our work exhibited by the brand recognitions, fast growing regional and international footprint, positive feedback and the fidelity we take from the industry and the market. Our business model recognizes that meeting our customers priorities and strategic objectives is very essential to attainment of our very own and for that we present flexible capacity to all needs of the customer by delivering cutting edge solutions and results that meet industry needs and standards in compliance with performance, budget and the time plan.

On our day-to-day work, we ultimately approach every assignment entrusted to us differently better through an innovation-based service delivery system and this constantly drives our work at the forefront and disrupts the industry’s status quo and pushed GEO-MIK to exponential heights of innovation and growth in the industry. To our team, this provokes working with urgency and commitment to meet our clients’ and partners goals/targets and guarantee value of today’s customer but also bid a strategic promise to those of tomorrow.

We have built and are constantly upscaling our international capabilities of the workforce while maintaining a strong network of complementary professionals and experts. Our internal staff and associate consultants are qualified professionals active in their field’s expertise for several years with local and global exposure in some of the competitive business environments in the world. Currently, we have more than 40 carefully selected experts from Uganda, the region and beyond in all our fields of work; geoinformation technology, cartography, soil, land, agriculture, urban and regional development, real estate, property development, surveying, IT, engineering, environment, economics, sociology, finance, procurement, management, governance, and policy.

Evolving through the times

GEO-MIKs journey is a typical story of any small startup in Africa. The beginning and initial operations and into the development stages was an uphill task for several reasons including access to capital and credit. At a very early stage of our foundation, there was need to defeat a common stereotype; that one can never start and succeed with his/her original idea or any business venture unless he/she is from a privileged family or supported by government or powerful connection somewhere. Later, realized it is never essentially so. There was need to start anyhow. For example, the founder; Moses Banduga was compelled for the initial start to operate from his home for the first seven months of registration/incorporation. He only leased the first operational office in October 2008 at Suite C, Kasturba Suites, Coleville Street, Kampala.

However, the startup closed within first three months. He was pushed out of the industry temporarily and went back to the labor market. He got a job at Geo-Information Communication in January 2009, and at the same time he established a side commercial enterprise for stationery service and a cafe as a complementary and fundraising drive to capitalize the start-up. Unfortunately, it also closed within the first seven months of operation.

In August 2009, he secured a one-year offer at UNDP/UN Habitat and, six months later in January 2010, re-established the firm at the garage belonging to the Church of Uganda. Right there, everything started. Inspired by the vision, he immediately began to document, incubate and innovate the business concepts, crafting content, originating templates and scoping services and product portfolios and forming the initial team.

After competitively securing the first, second and third government tenders in 2010, 2011 and 2012, things started slowly to look up. With the team, he moved operations to a more spacious office in 2013 and later in 2015 because there was a growing need to upscale and restructure our operational capacity.

Six years later, propelled by the quest to reinforce and consolidate effectively GEO-MIK’s growth and reposition our business for the regional and international agenda, it became necessary to relocate our office to the city of Entebbe, so we can be close to the Entebbe International Airport. It also demanded upscale and holistic value addition to the business, evolving GEO-MIK from a firm to a limited liability company and realigning our product and service portfolios to the emerging domestic and foreign markets.

Over a decade now, GEO-MIK has seen sustained domestic growth and expanding territorial footprint from project work to; Uganda, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Côte d’Ivoire. We are happy to see the progress made since 2008 amidst the difficulties.

Along the journey, he realized that to shape and sustain the real world of entrepreneurship, at a personal level, it was essential to make bold tradeoffs and confront competitive career choices - continue his studies and give all of his time to the pursuit of his dream. Ultimately, he relinquished the latter and called off early opportunities for postgraduate study multiple times.

However, when he reflects on his journey today, he is excited and motivated to see the growth of GEO-MIK’s work at the forefront of our industry and he doesn’t regret the tradeoffs and risks he made over the years.

Message from Our Managing Director

Greetings from GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD. Through this message, we would like to appreciate you our valuable customers, partners, business associates and friends for the journey you have accepted to walk with us since the date we legally registered and opened our doors for business in 2008. You have made GEO-MIK one of the outstanding and fast emerging private sector pillars and hub for geo-information services, land and spatial development planning solutions in the Region. As a result of this progress and in pursuit of our organization Vision and Mission, we are now proud to inform our esteemed clients, partners and the general public regarding strategic value additions to GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD that have gradually evolved over the past few years. Important of them is the transformation from operating as a “FIRM” (GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA) to a “COMPANY” (GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD) effective the 6th of May 2022. In line with the above, we upgraded/updated our ICT infrastructure related services and website from www.geomikafrica.com to www.geomik.africa. We know, that a strong part of being prepared for the future together is holding to the pillars of our strategic foundation, vision, mission, core values, our product and service story. We, therefore, would like you to get an insight into the various products and professional services offered by GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD.

These are; Geo-information Services and Remote Sensing • Satellite Imagery Products and Services • Natural Resource Mapping and Ecosystem Assessment • Land Degradation and Productivity Assessment • Spatial Development Planning • Land use and Land Cover Change Monitoring • Feasibility Studies and Needs Assessment • Baseline Surveys and Studies • Training and Capacity Building • Land Surveying and Mapping

We have pledged to continue developing, upscaling while adapting these products and services to meet your current and future needs. Our highly dedicated technical experts apply their specialized knowledge to reliably and efficiently deliver high quality service in line with your scope, budget and time.

Our team also understands that meeting your requirement and objectives is very essential to attainment of our own success. Thus, all our projects and jobs have our teams involved from the stage of conceptualization to completion. We therefore thank you all for the partnerships, expertise, confidence and also entrusting us with your work. We are again excited and committed to continue on this journey of strategic cooperation with you.

For all the information that you need on our organization, please log on to www.geomik.africa. We hope that your interest in our organization will become more magnified.

Organizational Core Values

  • Innovativeness. We believe in pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to cause a positive change and add value in what we do and what our customers receive.
    Teamwork. Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results
    Customer Service. At every meeting with our customers, we ask them what we could have done better, and then implement their suggestions before we meet them again
    Professionalism. At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible
    Commitment. Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that our CSR will increase our long-term business sustainability. Our CSR strategic initiative is to assess and take responsibility for the effects our services and products have on the environment and the impact on social welfare especially starting with communities and places where we executed our business. Our CSR perspectives means that we identify with the community far beyond our business mandate.