Market Sectors and Industry

GEO-MIK serves diverse markets ranging from; environment, agriculture, mining and exploration, oil and gas, forestry, urban, rural and regional development, utility/infrastructure, academia and research. Our clients fall in the following categories: Government and Intergovernmental Organizations, CSO’s, Donors and Development Partners, Un Agencies, Regional and Continental Bodies, Private Sector, Academic and other Research Institutions.

Remote Sensing Services

We provide specialized geospatial solutions and services through different platforms, sensors and data sources. Our teams deploy robust geospatial applications and tools for monitoring and resource assessments. The derived products and services inform our clients and users of foundational mapping indicators, alerts and pattern-of-life assessments to enable our client’s and end users make better informed decisions.

Optical Satellite Imagery Services

GEO-MIK provides imagery and derivative products for commercial satellite sensors. We make extensive use of the satellite imagery data capabilities to provide a range of solutions and products for land, infrastructure planning, land resource monitoring, design and monitoring, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, urban development or monitoring unsuspected developments.

GIS and Mapping

We utilize information and data obtained from a variety of sources ranging from; insitu data collected by our own team, third party airborne and satellite sensors, archived and historic record. We deploy appropriate GIS tools and technologies to process, manipulate and assemble all forms of information to useful spatial data bases, platforms and products for our clients to use in meeting their different goals and objectives

Geospatial tools for Agriculture

We utilize geospatial and Remote Sensing Data to provide solutions, products and insights into the agriculture value chain through application of specialized geospatial tools, methods and satellite imagery data to enable precision digital agriculture, land productivity and degradation estimation at scale. Our products and services enable agriculture stakeholders and institutions to make informed farm management decisions, monitor and maximize farm out puts, improve productivity and overall food security

Spatial Applications and Solutions

We extend spatial application services and solutions across industries and sectors. We develop different agile spatial prototypes, customized and interactive platforms with geospatial computing and visualization capabilities to make users of data/information to access, share, integrate, process and analyze geographical information through various information platforms like; Web Map Service (WMS).

Feasibility Studies

Awareness of any project area is critically a very strategic part of our client’s project life cycle. Our team has abilities to assess the viability of your project whether it will be a success or failure right from its conception. We professionally evaluate the critical project factors like; the land use state and practices, infrastructure, ecosystem, social cultural and state of governance, demography, economic and commercial variables, technology viability and the legal settings among others

Baseline Survey/Studies

We conduct baseline surveys with the main purpose of providing an information base against which our clients can monitor and assess progress of project activities and effectiveness during and after completion. Our capacity to deploy robust data acquisition strategies and solutions like; automated data collection i.e., sensor-derived data, time series data, mobile tools, first-hand manual observations, obtaining existing data from different sources and platforms is our added advantage.

Aerial Survey and Mapping

We offer Aerial Mapping and survey services using UAVs thus making the would be difficult project sites accessible through airborne surveys in addition to improving data density and overall quality of survey for your decision making.

Land Surveying and Mapping

We implement detailed land surveying, cadastral and topographical mapping of; roads, bridges, property boundaries, geodetic control surveys, as built surveys, engineering surveys and other user specified surveys. We demarcate property boundaries, set out rural and urban spatial plans, process and produce longitudinal and cross sections for different project sites among others

Lease of Survey/GPS Equipment

Leasing out GNSS equipment is at very affordable rates for your project. Additional packages with these services include; system set up, configuration, field data collection, processing and analysis

Strategic Spatial Development Planning

GEO-MIK offers strategic spatial and infrastructure planning and development services both at national, regional and local levels. We undertake integrated spatial development planning, natural resource and resettlement action planning, infrastructure and utility planning, master planning, land use feasibility assessment, public land policy analysis and review. Thus, offering a total spatial development planning suite required to manage the gross capital expenditures associated with physical, social and economic assets of different sectors across the spectrum.

Real Estate and Land Development Services

We offer professional services in; project scoping, guiding on site selection, spatial infrastructure planning, land use appraisal, land subdivision and demarcation, property boundary opening, titling, infrastructure development, construction, sale/lease of planned/developed products. Other services are; post project completion baseline studies, land use compliance and compatibility monitoring, management, site development control, land use change detection, adjustments, modifications planning and implementation

Training and Capacity Building

We conduct training and capacity development industry specific tailored course workshops that allows our clients to gain knowledge and learn applicable and universal GIS and remote sensing methods and applications for their work. The trainings help improve the institutional/individual’s level of awareness; improve the systems workforce skill and boast overall productivity.

Industry Specific Courses

Land Productivity Training Course: This training course is a result of the land productivity analysis tool that was developed in 2020 and later upgraded in 2021 (as part of Phase I of GMES and Africa Program) by GEO-MIK Consultants Africa Ltd through a contract with the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) under the GMES & Africa Programme, a joint initiative co-financed by the European Commission and the African Union Commission. The training is suitable for all professionals dealing in environment, natural resources management and conservation. These include but not limited to: Land management and administration, energy and hydrothermal, land management authorities including land resources management authorities, academia and research institutions, private sector NGOS, CBOS and other conservation groups, environment and environment impact assessment, mapping and land cover inventorying, wildlife resource management, local community representatives, agriculture and crop research institutions and Infrastructure development and management.

Training Schedule (QGIS Platform)

ItemCourse DescriptionDuration
Module 1Introduction to concepts of land productivity: Definition of soil fertility, productivity and factors affecting soil, appreciating productivity, productivity ecosystems, estimate productivity, and concept of NDVI2 Days
Module 2Estimation of soil productivity: Concept of factor rating and its application to estimate the soil productivity2 Days
Module 3Overview of GIS: Brief overview of GIS, concept of location, introduction to QGIS, working with existing layers and map production in QGIS Data Preparation and Analysis: Understanding MODIS SAVI (Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index), how to access and downloading data, software (R MODIS package) and source of data, data pre-processing tasks.3 Days

Training Schedule (ESRI Platform)

Instructor-led TrainingWe conduct ESRI Instructor-led courses offered by Authorized Tutors and through certified learning centers. The training is purpose-focused and delivered to meet the learners’ objectives and address the relevant skills and knowledge required to perform their workTo be announced
Virtual TrainingWe conduct virtual training through virtual ESRI classes to allow learners to access the course from the comfort of their workplacesTo be announced